Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Hotel Kitchen

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In January 2011 it was decided by the Hotel that we would upgrade our kitchen facilities so that we could provide a better and more consistent service to our guests. It took the kitchen team several months to decide exactly what format the new kitchen would take, in the end it was decided that we would move away from gas stoves and go 100% electric, thereby making the kitchen safer and more efficient. To maximise energy efficiency it was decided to use induction cookers as the backbone of the Kitchen.

Induction cookers are energy efficient as they only use power when a special type of pan is placed on them. This is as the result of magnets that detect when a pan has been placed on the stove and thus provides power and heat to that stove. The wonders of induction cookers are that once this pan has been taken off, the magnet disengages and completely cuts off power and heat to that stove, thereby instantly cooling the cooking surface to make it safe to touch. As the special pans have magnetic properties, the heating effect is concentrated in a thin layer near the surface, thus making the heating effect stronger.

Induction cookers are incredibly complicated so I have only touched on the brief details of how the cookers work. If you are intrigued by this, then why not take a look at this information page on Wikipedia about induction cooking;

The induction cookers that have been installed in our kitchen are the first of their kind to be manufactured in the UK. The cooking stoves were all made in the UK, with the exception of the induction tops which are Swiss in origin but have been encased in British carcases. We are proud to be supporting British manufacturing. The kitchen also contains a revolutionary 180o rotating hot oven to allow all the space within the kitchen to be utilised to its full potential.

The refurbishment of the kitchen was completed on the 14th Jan 2012 and was both on time and on budget. The end result is fantastic; these new stoves have given the chefs much more control over the cooking process and the consistency of the food. So far we have not managed to burn anything.

Please come and visit our Lake District Hotel and immerse yourself in our award winning 1 red rosette restaurant with a fantastic view of the Cumbrian Pennines and experience our imaginative menu cooked on our fabulous new cooking ranges.

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